Social Media

I guess life is so much easier when you dont have all the social media things such as path, snapchat and so on. Well, at least for me. Facebook is a basic. Instagram? Well, I love it,  the food: cake, seafood, just food, nothing interest me that bad.  Line? Glad they have cute stickers to save me on awkward moment, when you have nothing to say. But honestly, I do love line, the video call thing. Whatsapp? Well, college matter. I barely open it. BBM? Nope, I hate the ‘Ping!!!’ thing, I hate when some people just won’t stop using that ping thing. Twitter? Currently using it after two years of nothing, not even a first tweet. Snapchat? Path? No, I have no idea how to use those, no interest. Yet, there’s a social media which is a secret place where I put all my favorite moments, well sometimes, a photo dump. The thing is, some people just won’t believe me, how can a person do not have a bbm with that smartphone? Well, I am. It’s tiresome sometimes to check all of them, somehow, your finger automatically want to open all of them then you barely realize you’ve waste your time more than you should be. So I guess, it’s better for me to stay away from them. Last but not least, I still love WordPress.


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