Heartbreak isn’t just an emotion you feel toward someone, but also a choice. – Sirent’s Lament

It was love what I kept in my heart,
And it was for you.
Everything was real,
I fell for you,
I really did.
And I never fall so hard the way I did with you.
But it was my decision to let go of you,
I chose it,
I broke my own heart by letting you go,
And the idea of Us.
And it was hurt,
It was really hurt.
It was a kind of pain that stole away the smile on my face for days,
A kind of pain that made me silence for hours,
And day by day went away with sleepless nights.
I did love you,
I really did, so much.
But I chose it,
To break up.
I gotta love my self enough to walk away from less than I deserve.


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